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Power Generation Glass & Window
Power Generation Glass & Window or Curtain WallBuilding Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) is a technology that integrates thin-film power generation products onto buildings. BIPV thin-film solar power systems, which are designed, constructed and installed at the same time as the construction work, become harmonious with the buildings. As part of the building, it not only has functions such as power generation, energy saving and consumption reduction, but can further enhance the aesthetic value of the building. Hanergy's thin-film solar technology has many advantages such as a high conversion rate, good performance under low light, being lightweight, flexibility and diverse colors. It brings more options to architectural design, and solar modules can form a perfect unity with the building. With BIPV, there are key huge technological benefits as follows
  • Anti-hot spot effects
  • Able to work under extreme temperatures
  • High fireproof grade
  • Corrosion resistance, effectively avoid the damage of salt mist and others
  • more electricity is generated under a high-temperature environment. 
  • Advantages under a low light environment
The power generation Glass & Window is a light-transmitting product, which is divided into basic series, color series and sound insulation series.

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